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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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I'm not ignoring y'all, really
chromatic self
I am surrounded by interesting people saying interesting things!

There's this backlog of posts I'd like to at least write comments on, but haven't had the focus or time to give them the remarks I'd like to. The queue is growing, and I really do plan on taking the time to get through it.

So this is sort of a preemptive apology for being late to the party, so to speak. A few week-old posts will probably get comments over the weekend, for definitions of "weekend" involving Friday, since I asked for (and got) it off to receive delivery of my new netbook. Which is sort of ironic, since due to a serious underestimation of the difficulty and scope of modifying test code to adapt to some of the dev team's changes (easy for the devs, but catastrophic from the test side of things), management is trying to cancel the vacation I blocked out next milestone. (I am fighting it tooth and claw.)

So, unsurprisingly, lack of energy from work is my excuse for why I haven't been around enough. I haven't really mastered this "work-life balance" thing yet.

I've migrated to DreamWidth. The original post is at http://kistaro.dreamwidth.org/458805.html. View comment count unavailable comments at http://kistaro.dreamwidth.org/458805.html#comments ; go ahead and use OpenID to post your own.

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