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Lot 665, ladies and gentlemen

One of the things I had to do when I moved away from St. Louis was strip my parents' CDs from my MP3 collection, for obvious licensing reasons. (If I'm going to be a proponent of DRM-free music, I better respect the licenses on my unencrypted files.) This meant that I only got to keep about a quarter of the music I regularly listened to growing up.

Last night, Rakeela and I split the cost of Amazon's MP3 version of the London recording of the Phantom of the Opera. (It's cheaper than the CD version, and we'd just rip it and listen to it on the computer anyway.) I'm currently listening to it here at work.

This is coming up very high on the list of "things that are totally different when I have an excellent set of earphones." It's amazing how much depth there is to the performance when when I can clearly hear every part of the more complex songs (Notes, Prima Donna), and for that matter the clarity of the vocal performances.

This probably means I'll have to track down the soundtrack for Cats eventually, out of pure curiosity.

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