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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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I think I'm just about done with LiveJournal, see y'all on Dream Width
anger, burn it with fire, RARRRGH
LiveJournal is interfering with posted links so they can track visits and insert their own affiliate code. Notably, they'll delete anybody else's affiliate code, which, as a Zemanta user, annoys me.

I've avoided noticing how bad the ad creep has gotten because I'm a Permanent Member. That same $150 ransom I'll never get back had me inclined to stay on the site.

This is too far; I do not appreciate having my content tinkered with to track my audience.

I'll be migrating to Dreamwidth this weekend. Who else is considering (or has made) the switch?

Well, damn, that blows. This is the only way I get to see you now, and you're leaving. Ah, well, I'll miss you.

Not totally leaving- I'll be cross-posting, for a couple of months at least; too many people haven't migrated yet. I do intend to eventually drop cross-posting to try to push others to move, but not immediately.

Let me know if you want a Dreamwidth invitation code, I've got four left.

Already on DW, same username...

Good luck with the migration. Were I someone that posted more, I'd be frustrated too.

Obviously, let us know how Dreamwidth works out. And possibly save an invite? :)

If you do move over there, drop me an invite code? *puppy eyes* I've got a lot of friends over there I need to keep track of.

Give me an e-mail address for me to send an invitation code to!

I have a Dreamwidth account because there was some brief initial excitement in fandom (I'm in Harry Potter fandom), but mostly the exodus never happened. I watch a small handful of people there regularly as opposed to here (logospilgrim, feyandstrange, digitalsidhe, illuviel come to mind), but I never created a journal to mirror this account because it just didn't seem worth the trouble.

Edited at 2010-03-03 09:54 pm (UTC)

Me, quite likely. If I can get an invite code, anyway.

*grump* I wish they would stop pulling stupid stunts like these. I'm too lazy to change journals, I tried it during one of LJ's past actions and I'm still here.

I've found you over there though, and bookmarked your new journal page :)

Lame... That is pretty stupid, but sadly, I don't have the motivation nor energy to start completely over from scratch with a new blog. :/

And it's weird, but I'm not having that issue that he's explaining. Half the links I click on in my friends list open up in the same window, and I've yet to see any sign of that "outbound link" pop-up.

Could this only be affecting select users? o_O;

Community Lock In kinda trumps things for me here. Will you be able to setup a suitable cross post or RSS something? o.-;

I'll be cross-posting my entries to both for a while. My DreamWidth account has its own RSS feed (as does LJ).

I'm over there, same name. Feel free to add, although I'm bad about checking!

I'm over there with the same username. Have been cross-posting, but it may be time to send all comments over there.

Gah. No idea how long it's been since I logged into my DW. I'll se you on Twitter, though :)

I'll miss you if you do go, but I may also consider moving with you to that other site.

This saddens me, as a fellow permanent user. I'd love an invite code if you get a spare.

I'm going to wait for their response before picking up my stakes, but I really ought to at least set up an account there so I can move when necessary.

Do you know if there's any sort of backup/restore or migration program that would copy over old content?

Importing an existing journal to Dreamwidth is almost trivially easy. I copied over my existing shyfoxling content when I set up that account ca. 9-10 months ago. Dreamwidth has an importer that works great.