Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor (kistaro) wrote,
Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

A change in theming

So as anybody who has been physically around me for more than about an hour probably knows, my phone is currently set to use Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time sound effects for messages. (I had a Legend of Zelda ringtone set, but it was too quiet, so I switched it to a sample from The Most Unwanted Song.)

It's amusing, but I admit I'm getting tired of it. So I'm deciding what new sound theme I want- I think I want to theme it much more thoroughly. While mail and SMS are the two most common sound events on my phone, I want more of them covered for the replacement.

I think I'm going to go entirely with samples from the music of Jim's Big Ego. There's enough variety for every major system event, plus individual ringtones:

  • E-mail: Theme from introduction to "Stay In Love", one bar

  • SMS: "They're everywhere, they're everywhere, they're everywhere", from "They're Everywhere" (album: They're Everywhere)

  • Reminder: "I'm addicted to stress, it's the way that I get things done", from "Stress" (album: Noplace Like Nowhere)

  • IM:"Yeah!" (the desperately screamed one from "Stress", from album Noplace Like Nowhere)

  • Voice mail/missed call: "I'm only gonna say this once", from "|:This Message:|" (album: Don't Get Smart)

  • Default ringtone:"Nah neh nah neh nah nah...", from "State of Security" (released online)

Individualized ringtones:

  • wyrdryn - Stay In Love (Noplace Like Nowhere)

  • blackvoiddragon - now (free*)

  • My former boss - Cheat To Lose (Don't Get Smart)

  • My parents - Postcard from Caraciou (Noplace Like Nowhere)

  • New project manager - Concrete (Noplace Like Nowhere)

  • New boss - Math Prof Rock Star (They're Everywhere)

  • Any teammate - Better Than You (Noplace Like Nowhere), sleepwalker (free*) or background vocals (free*), depending on how egotistical I feel when picking songs

(ActiveSync connection establishment/disestablishment will retain the default plink.)

Other egomaniacs- better ideas for some of these events?

For bonus points, I encourage analysis of how bitterly sarcastic many of my work-related ringtone choices are.

This is kind of a note-to-self post, I admit. I was thinking of this walking to work this morning (see previous Twitter aggregations, but I crashed my bike Monday and the shop is busy and hasn't gotten around to repairing it yet) and wanted to dump my thoughts somewhere.
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