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color cycle (slow)

Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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I can haz reference sheet
stupid, silly
Just for the record, litheauyer rocks. Give her cookies. Or pie. Whichever she prefers.

Reference sheet, annotated
Reference sheet, annotated
Courtesy of litheauyer, who rocks so much. If you're wondering what changed if you saw this eight hours before I edited it, I've added the text. It took longer than I'd like to admit to figure out which font was "me".

Edit, Dec. 5 2009 1:01 AM- Replaced it with the newly textified version.

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(Deleted comment)
I'm at work, a five-minute image-upload break to break up the monotony of writing an interminable test spec is a great thing. And my phone checks my personal email every five minutes.

Do you mind if I derive a userpic or three from this?

(Deleted comment)
I figured you wouldn't mind, but I always prefer to ask first!

By the way, I've added text now. Is the copyright notice reasonably worded? (I didn't feel like looking up the © symbol on Character Map.)

It looks even reference-sheetier now. Which makes me feel like even more of a narcissist for wanting to print a copy off and put it as a decoration somewhere. People'd probably ask questions if I had it in my office at work...

Everyone always treat you too gently, eh? How come you've got a "pissed off" face? ^'===='^;

Wings for "loved" and "unloved" status? :3

I needed to show color-changing tendencies somehow! But you'll note my current angry userpics don't get used very often.

Actually, that refers to earfins, and "enthusiastic/unenthusiastic" would probably be a more accurate description!

Very lovely ref sheet you got :) Kito really is awesome and you are quite handsome ^^

The ever cute technicolor dragon~

AHHH! That's so awesome! :D

Hehe, this is really awesome, Kistaro! *snugs*

(Deleted comment)
Cookie pie: the best of both worlds!

This is Centaur, at sizes varying between 14 and 72, and varying levels of transparency (but always based on white). Of what I had on my system, it seemed like the best choice- it was between that or Palatino Linotype, and this is more compact.

*whistles* Wow...that is awesome. She does VERY good work indeed.

Handsome dragon is handsome.

Both when saying squeak and not, I guess!

This is really well designed!

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