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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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We are all made of meat
plummet, headfirst, crash, ouch
So I was biking to work this morning, and I really got thinking about everybody else's internal organs.

This happens to me about twice every three months. I become aware of my breathing, and then start thinking about other people breathing, and then start thinking about the intricate biological clockwork powering everybody controlling the multi-ton vehicles I'm hoping won't run me over at the next street crossing. It takes me a while to get my brain (my warm, squishy, meaty brain) back off the subject.

Does this happen to anybody else, or is it just me?

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In that mood, you would get along very well with HK-47, who calls everyone "meatbags." If you tell him not to, he says: "Explanation: It's just that... you have all these squishy parts, master. And all that water! How the constant sloshing doesn't drive you mad, I have no idea..."

...yeah. :)

Is your icon in refference to the sparrows from the Redwall series?

Not that I know of - it's a quote from HK-47 the assassination droid. :) If you question him about legality, eventually he starts trying to define things, and you can choose "I don't think 'killee' is a word" at that point. It might well be a reference to Redwall that the game designers and writers slipped in, though, especially since HK's response is a Star Trek homage. ;)

I have bizzare thought processes as well. I found my self thinking about my rats' digestive systems 0_0

Sort of close, I suppose

It boggles the hell out of me that there are so many living, breathing, each-as-complex-as-the-next people in the world who are all doing different tasks and jobs and making everything go. It doesn't seem like it should possibly be able to work.

I think about the smooth skin of abdomens, especially on people like models and porn stars--and then realize that just on the other side there's a bunch of intestines.

...There needs to be a full-page magazine ad of a standard-issue underclad model, right adjacent to a standard (if overly-realistically-rendered) anatomy diagram of a human of approximately the same size and shape. I have no idea what it would be an ad for, but it should exist; maybe it should just stand on its own as just that sort of statement.

I don't think about it to the point of obsess me. :E

You just concentrate on the road and try avoid being popped by these big road monsters. ^'======'^

I simply don't think. I'm not paid enough! :p

(I do become extremely self aware every now and again, but whenever it gets too far, something like this happens.

Oh god I just read the music part D:D:D:D: BARRRRRF. Also, check yer facebook :D

I'm kind of bad about not checking Facebook. Not used to it yet, will try to get around to it today...

The music part is actually a reference to a short film. I think you can find it on YouTube, if it hasn't been taken down for copyright infringement again- run a search for "They're Made Out Of Meat".

Happens to me with some regularity. It's hard not to marvel at all the incredibly complex processes that go on in a body. Imagine just one of those thousands going awry.

Happens to me, but not in anything what I would call a macabre context. For the past 18 wonths I've been heavily involved in complex systems research, and it's opened my eyes as to the structures of everything, from sub-atomic particles arranging into atoms to the complexities of global economics. The biological level is an interesting step in that continuum, to understand just how fragile our homeostatic energy patterns that constitiute our perceptions of 'being' really are.

Well, unless you're considering people being made of meat in the context of that couple that tried to ride out the california wildfires in their hot tub.

Someone squirting air through their meat

lol. ew. It's always kind of grotesque if you think about it.

Am I the only person who finds the sound of a heartbeat creepy and annoying, not soothing at all? (I don't mean dramatic sound-effect heart-pounding in horror movies, I mean just listening to a person's resting heartbeat)

... but with me, it usually involves playing with my fingers or something else like that.

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