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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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  • 10:24 Anybody have a good recommendation for a dragon-themed Tarot deck that actually has useful Rider-Waite-related symbolism? #
  • 11:21 My body temperature plummets when I get hungry. Naturally, that means I don't especially feel like even getting up to go to the cafeteria. #
  • 13:47 The more I use vim, the more I like it. It has a nasty learning curve, but it speeds up my work significantly. #
  • 15:27 This hyperproductive afternoon brought to you by caffeine, @sooj, and trying desperately to write some automation before I get a new task. #
  • 19:59 Sleepy. Have been all day. going to bed early. #
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...OK, count me completely and totally wrong on the "those are all the dragon Tarots that there are." Pfft. All I had to do was state my findings as a fact and then all of a sudden I would stumble across more while I was looking for the ones that I already knew about. Why didn't I ever see them before!? I guess the remaining ones are just super rare, maybe; the four that I'd known about before come from relatively big publishers, but there have always been Tarot decks that were self-published or even just one-offs.

Dragon Tarot, by Lynn Secrist, self-published in 1991. It's black and white, and it's printed on circular cards. The dragons are protagonists, as in Pracownik's. This page has a few previews.
Somebody in Ohio is selling a deck of them... has desc and photo.
Oh, jeez... I looked at a cached eBay page, and somebody was selling that deck for $399. Aaigh! Yep, it's super rare.
Tarot Garden lists it with a bunch more sample images, but they say it has less than 78 cards? Odd.

I can't find any other references to Tarot Style II: Dragon, except for a few collectors claiming that they own it.

Hope you don't mind me spamming you like this. XD

Further examination shows that Secrist's Dragon Tarot isn't strictly a Tarot deck. It has either 49 or 42 cards (reports differ), divided up into suits distinguished by color of card stock. Most of it is based on the Tarot major arcana, and apparently some minor arcana and court cards, but there's also unusual cards: "Yes" and "No."

Unrelated to these, if you want a dragon-negative dragon-themed non-Tarot divination deck apparently drawn by a fifth grader, you couldn't meet your needs much better than this.

Un/fortunately, that's not quite what I'm in the market for.

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