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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Daily twitter
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  • 08:16 Not alert this morning, having a lot of trouble waking up. Need to fix my sleep schedule/habits. #
  • 10:18 Why does the entire building smell like french fries? #
  • 14:18 The break room has piles of leftover Halloween candy. #
  • 14:59 Someone just used the e-mail-to-SMS gateway to attempt to phish me out of my bank info. No, I'm not gullible enough to respond. #
  • 15:00 Take it as a warning, though; someone's going through and e-mailing T-Mobile numbers with fake credit card warnings. #
  • 19:58 The Onamotapedia: www.flickr.com/photos/apelad/sets/72157603961299379/ #
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