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Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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  • 12:32 God damn it, my receipt archiver has decided my license is invalid. It's not great software. Recommendations for receipt scanning? #
  • 13:34 All things considered, except for date range searching (by receipt date, not scan date), @Evernote is my best choice. #
  • 20:54 Geez, I've gotten through all the receipts that accumulated since the move, and a good way through the backlog. Yay receipt scanning? #
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Oh my, there is such thing that exists?! <3 Keep me posted. My scanner is collecting dust and I should really do some cleaning in my papers and get some file cabinet too. XE

Digital ArcHound did get my license key back to me, but not in time to prevent me from switching my entire database to Evernote, much faster than I was able to get data in before. It helps that I have a good scanner (a Fujitsu Scansnap, a portable Automatic Document Feed scanner) that can be configured to scan something and immediately send it to Evernote with no prompting by just pressing the "scan" button. Your scanner software may or may not allow arbitrary software targets; if it doesn't, you can drag the scans into your notes, which is only a bump later.

So at this time, if you don't want to buy a Neat Receipts system (I didn't), Evernote will meet your needs. Evernote is a web service with full-featured Windows and Mac (and a few cell phones, too) clients, a good Web 2.0 interface, a sufficient WAP interface, unlimited storage (sort of), and full database synchronization- so even if the web service goes down, you have full copies of your notes on every PC you installed the client on.

Evernote is free if you add less than 40MB/mo to your notes and are willing to wait in line for text recognition, and can skip PDF text recognition. (That's to say, PDFs that contain only images. Evernote has very aggressive OCR to identify text in any image you add to your notes, making it searchable.) If you need heavier usage, want higher image recognition priority, or just want to get rid of the ads, it's 5 USD/mo or 45 USD/year.

So yes, I strongly recommend Evernote as probably the best general-purpose document archiver (excellent OCR search!) out there. Neat Receipts is good for its specific use, but requires you to purchase their scanner, and the tech support forums are enough to give me pause about the software.

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