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Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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An opinion
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Let’s say you start a business. In this business, you provide a service to people.

Let’s say there are only two to four providers of this service in any given area. Now people who need this service can’t reject it. If they reject it, they will probably die. They can’t choose which provider they go to most of the time, because someone else takes them there and decides which one to go to. Often, they won’t let you say no to the service.

Now let’s say, in return for this service, you charge them all of their money.

Why wouldn’t you? The law says you can charge what you want to provide a service, and the free market says that if you charge too much, they would go somewhere else or simply forgo the service. But they keep coming to you, so obviously your prices are usual, conventional, and reasonable.

This is the fundamental problem with health care in America.

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Something else to note about our #37 position in that WHO study: I've heard, but not confirmed, that one of the metrics for determining health care quality was whether or not a country had a nationalized health system. If it didn't, it got a lower score.

The US also suffers from its unreasonably high infant mortality rate, I believe, and if mental health services were taken into account, that couldn't have helped any.

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