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Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Declaration of Inattendence
Even though it's just a few miles away, I'm not going to rainfurrest this year. Of course, the year I decide it wouldn't be responsible for me to go is naturally a year when several people I'd really quite like to meet are all attending, but maybe things will be better next year.

I could make financial excuses (my luxury budget is pretty flat right now), but they really aren't primary. My luxury budget wouldn't be flat if I'd been planning to attend; I decided a while ago I wasn't.

"I can't afford the high chance of getting sick" is a lot more significant. Last year, I had to miss a week of work because I got sick with something unknown, and whatever it was, I was already feeling the effects by Sunday- when the first day I attended was Saturday. I don't have a lot of trust in my immune system, and that certainly didn't give me any reason to have extra faith in it. Work is unreasonably stressful right now, which also decreases the effectiveness of my immune system, and the reasons that make it stressful are exactly the reasons I can't miss a week.

I ignored exactly that last year (although work wasn't going as badly at that time); the balance is different this time in large part because I don't like the theme. Zombies are not my thing. There will be other years, so a poorly-timed weekend event highly likely to make me ill has to do better with its theme than "maybe it won't be applied too heavily and I can ignore it".

I'll spend the weekend catching up on the laundry backlog, catching up on the cleaning backlog, reading, and cooking. (I'd also like to do a few Tarot readings, so if anybody's interested, please let me know.) Maybe I'll catch some of y'all next year.

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Idea coming up! If there are people in town, just a few miles away at the con, why not find out if they'd like to meet you for a meal out or some chillout time at your place?

I was thinking of asking for tarot in the last day or two, but solved a big part of my financial mess. Also, I wish I was up there - but I have a concert tomorrow and college starting Monday.

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