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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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The Unnecessary Toolchain
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I take a certain joy in completely unnecessary complexity for solving problems.

At night, I have no visible clock. Clocky is unlit, and the traditional alarm clock is on the other side of Rakeela, so I can't read it either.

I finally solved it! Since I always wanted a Chumby anyway, I made an all-clocks channel and made my new Nokia N810 pretend tp be a Chumby and display it while it charged overnight. Let's break this down:

* General-purpose Linux handheld
* with a wireless Internet connection
* Downloading a loop of Flash videos of clocks
* intended for a different device
* Which it has an emulator for
* while plugged in with a British power cord with an American adapter on the end. (They sold me a UK set and a power plug adapter, apparently what they had on hand.)

...because I needed an illuminated clock.

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Chumbys and Maemo devices are both awesome. :)

I wanted a wall clock in the living room.. the server's 15" 3:4 display was mounted on the wall.. I installed a BSG terminal clock screensaver on it. yay wall clock!

It's just too bad that the Nokia N810 speakers are not loud enough to wake me up while I have earplugs. XD;

I will still try it. Let's hope the Chumby creators won't block this kind of application parasite.

The program you need for the Chumby emulation is "Grumby". It uses the "Virtual Chumby" interface, which a few apps (and, of course, accelerometer features) won't work on.

Version 0.5.x is the one you need; Google finds 0.4.x first.

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