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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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I expect to leave. you stand on.
color cycle (slow)
I'm just now getting around to setting permissions on my recent photos. (Remember, my camera automatically uploads them.) This is the highlight, but check the photostream for more.

Picture taken by the dumpsters outside my (new) apartment. The bins were completely full of recycling.

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That must be the remake! There are far more design changes than I expected.

yep, that's the new Robo Rally! The old version was better:

  • The new robots are plastic, not metal.

  • The new board graphics are much more generic. All conveyor belts are created equal- none of the real artistry as on the old boards.

  • No crushers.

  • Boards are double-sided, so many combinations don't work.

  • New starting rules and corresponding special board avoid virtual robot rules, but create severely unbalanced starts that are nearly impossible to balance out just by clever flag placement. There was a reason for the original rules.

  • Card indexes for Move don't have distance of move, just a forward arrow. I and a Sharpie fixed that.

  • Low-quality cardboard cards do not stand up to more than a few games due to frequent shuffling; card sleeves are required. Yu-Gi-Oh sleeves would fit the cards better, they're a bit small for the Magic sleeves.

  • No card boxes included.

That said, they got some things better; among other things, they recommend one or two boards as a standard game size, not four. They do include eight flags, but they don't really recommend their actual use. And removing virtual robots does make the game easier to understand, although it brings in its problems. The arrows on the robot bases are a definite improvement.

It's still RoboRally, it's still awesome, and I'm just going to teach people the virtual robot rules for their second game against me.

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