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Mental Whack

Imagine this scene...

(100 years in the future... you are watching television. Or at least your spirit or something. And on comes... Antiques Roadshow.)

"...And it's still in mint condition; it was never taken out of the shrinkwrap!"
"This N64 still plays its games, but it is very difficult to find a television that still uses these connectors."
"..and even the instruction manual is included!"
"Unfortunately, Windows is installed, which detracts from the value significantly."
"We can't be sure of the exact contents, as they were replaced by GDSDs over 30 years ago. But this CD is undamaged, so should still work in a period computer."
"...only had a 40-gigabyte hard drive..."

Sort of weird, when you realize that in 100 years, all this modern technology will be antiques.

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