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Nerd Rage, redux

The code I am forced to trace to figure out where the fuck the debuggers actually get launched is so far beyond "sucks" that I've run through my entire private dictionary of scatological terminology and really come up with nothing sufficient.

Highlights would be the purely abstract two-function class defined as a friend to the one and only class that extends it, the bit mask initialized with the int(pow(2, float(something[which])), where something is an array of an enum (has the revered genius who wrote this incoherent pile of spaghetti-shaped objectionably-oriented shit never heard of a bit shift?), the sole concrete inehritor of the abstract extension to the abstract extension to the abstract extension to the abstract extension to the abstract extension to the purely abstract base class that is used to provide configuration information to exactly one function (not exaggerating), a dead code density in excess of 37%, and that I'm 19 stack frames and two processes deep trying to find the code that actually writes the preambles on the executed test scripts and it's not fucking there yet. It's deeper. I see the function that is probably the next step towards doing it, and like a little bitch, I'm going to fucking trace it because there is no other theoretical way to figure out how this irredeemable garbage is constructing the parameters to exactly one command-line application.

It will take a great deal of willpower to not start screaming incoherently at the author of this next time I meet him in the hallway.

Oh, and because I still haven't found this code, I can't get what I'm trying to write done in time (I'm trying to make sure I'm copying its behavior correctly for the new version), so I'll have to work this weekend.</i></i>

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