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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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  • 05:17 Clocky sounds like R2-D2 on crack. It doesn't get very far on my carpet, but it doesn't need to; I still have to find it and hit "off". #

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You've got a Clocky too? Man, I have such a love/hate relationship with mine.

I've come to a sort of understanding with it: I use it as one of two alarm clocks on my dresser. Rather than have it roll around, I let it sit there and beep in alternate with my other clock, which sounds almost identical. The process of trying to figure out which clock is beeping generally engages my brain enough to get me started.

(I need a "sleepy" userpic or something, for obvious reasons.)

What I'm finding so far- in about two days of Clocky ownership so far, since I bought it from Amazon when it was on temporary sale at $30- is that the psychological effect of knowing the clock is going to run away is quite strong. It doesn't do that until the end of the first snooze, but this morning- for the first time in over a year- the clock didn't even get that far. I had this understanding that I couldn't really get much more sleep, and sort of sitting in bed dozing for 54 minutes not only wasn't going to do me any good, it wasn't going to work, so I might as well wake up from the outset.

And if I'm too out-of-it for this line of reasoning to work, as I was yesterday morning? Well, nine minutes later, beep beep whirrr thump beep boop beepity whirr whirr beep zot zeep boopity beep whirr thud whirr thud whirr squeak beep bing poing boop beep... and reaching for the clock and finding that it is not there works exactly as well as hoped and designed.

There's very little space by my side of the bed for it to actually get anywhere, but it doesn't actually need to.

My solution to anybody that has trouble waking up: get one of those bell-and-hammer clocks. I hate them with an incredible passion, but they will WAKE. YOU. UP.

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