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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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My right brain's impression of last Tuesday's meeting
stupid, silly
I doodle at work.

I think my favorite part is the Picasso Chicken Boat floating off the page to the top right.

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For me, doodling is what helps focus my attention. I need something to keep the physical busy while the mind needs to pay attention. Otherwise, I wander off...

Amusing! I'll have to scan one of my doodles one of these days.

I'd like to see this note-taking setup! And find out how the LiveScribe thing goes...

OH, and appropos of nothing, I finished the first Phoenix Wright. I'm woefully addicted. :)

I'll be glad to lend you the second whenever I have a chance!

The LiveScribe Pulse's software fundamentally sucks. It's extremely heavyweight, doesn't support having a pen talk to multiple computers, doesn't allow copy into standard Microsoft ink (so all OneNote can get is an image, which it can't use handwriting recognition on- it needs ink stroke order information), and sucks up the CPU aggressively when performing handwriting recognition.

It's much more portable and doesn't have the page flip and page alignment problems inherent to the clipboard digitizer, so it's better from a hardware standpoint, but they have to fix the software or it will remain unusable for my needs.

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