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Circadian genetics


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This morning and last night are making it very clear to me that I've inherited my father's genetics as comes to my sleep schedule. He's very much the early-to-bed early-to-rise sort, and I'm finding it very easy to do the same, when I simply choose to do so. Last Friday, I barely dragged myself out of bed at 9:00 AM; today, I woke up refreshed and alert at 4:00 AM. I intend to maintain this schedule: in bed by 8:00 PM, awake at 4:00. I had an easier time falling asleep at 8:00P (in marginally uncomfortable temperatures) than I usually do when exhausted at 2:00A. Since I slept soundly, I was entirely alert and ready to wake up.

The bike ride to work this morning was excellent as well. I like the light of dawn, and I got to bike right through it- plus the comfortable, cool stagnancy of morning air, the chorus of songbirds, and the blessed lack of cross-traffic allowing all the crosswalk signals to change as soon as I hit the crossing button.

Now I'm here at work, alert and focused, and even though I'm taking time out to write this post, my mind is already on the task at hand. The only other times I've been that ready and focused have been- well, they haven't usually happened at work, but they've also been, recently, in mornings.

This is a change. During college, my focus period was in the dead of night- 11:00 PM to 2:30 AM was my most alert time, the time I was best at doing work, and I only woke up naturally and well at noon or later. (Too bad I had morning classes.) When I was very young, I apparently had a very morning-shifted schedule, which slowly decayed throughout middle school, then really changed near the end of high school (homeschooling, for me) until it's where it was for college.

I guess it's swinging back; last I heard, it's entirely normal for sleep rhythms to change during those years, but the change seems extremely dramatic for me. I guess it's the only reconciliation between my father's sleep schedule and my mother's sleep schedule, though. I'm on my father's time now, and I spent college on my mother's schedule.

I can only imagine how much more I would have been able to get done in the last year+ had I figured out sooner that my schedule was trying to move back.

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