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After an uneventful day of travel (I guess I got the scheduling right: it neither felt slow nor rushed), my parents met us at the airport and took us near home to grab dinner at a local Chinese restaurant, then home to eat, then out for frozen custard, and finally for new shoes, since Rakeela's needed replacement several months ago and the abuse they took in the security checkpoint was pretty much the last straw. (When she tried to put her right shoe back on, her foot very nearly went through the sole.)

So now I've been home for a night, my mate is getting used to the place, and I'm just- here, at home, where I've always been, haven't I?

It's been nearly two years since I was here last, and the only things that have changed are the rooms I vacated. It doesn't even feel like I'm returning after two years of being gone- it just feels like another Spring Break at home, relaxing, resting. It doesn't feel like somewhere away, it's just home- and so is my apartment over 1,700 miles away.

Two years later, and it quite literally feels like I never left. Which causes a few problems, actually, as Rakeela is a person in my household, and people who live with me know how home is laid out and where things are stored, right? Things that are logically obvious, like "unlike me, my mate did not grow up here and does not know the place inside and out" do not necessarily matter to my subconscious.

Everything's in the same place (well, except for the new bookshelves covered with still more books), the rooms are the same temperatures, and everything even smells the same. I guess that's why I just can't get an intuitive understanding that it's been just a few months short of two years since I was last here- it's pretty much the way it always was when I was being raised, and I can't convince myself that it's different or unusual to be back.

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