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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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  • 05:40 Photo: On the bus to the airport tumblr.com/xxu1mf10y #
  • 06:06 Second bus is underway and on schedule. Traffic isn't much of a problem this time of morning, it seems. #
  • 06:26 There are at least four sparrows here in the lobby of the airport. #
  • 08:24 On board, phone going off now. Catch y'all later. #
  • 20:10 Been home for hours, but never got a chance to slow down until now. It feels so normal to be here, like I was never even gone for two years #
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Gotta love having indoor birds eh? We get them around work all the time once it warms up outside. We start leaving the big cargo doors open to keep the place cool, and various kinds of bird just move right on in and take up residence in the upper rafters.

Birds tend to like tall rooms, I've observed! I guess they like the climate control and relative safety from predators, plus easier access to food. There were birds flying in and out of the Fred Meyer I went to a few weeks ago; they'd learned how to activate the motion-sensitive doors.

Cargo doors? I don't think I ever caught what your occupation is...

Currently I'm a forklift operator in a big warehouse, though that's likely going to change soon. The place is really getting on my nerves. ^^()

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