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It’s been over a year, and I still have’t lost my tolerance for the phenomenally bitter taste. A bit of heat resistance has been lost, but I suppose, if I keep the habit, that it too will return.

I’m almost disturbed. I’d hope that over a year of being caffeine-free, then several months of nothing stronger than tea (and generally half-green tea, at that), I’d have a harder time readjusting to coffee. It’s not even hard on my stomach- if anything, it’s upsetting my digestion less than tea.

It’s upsetting, because I remember myself months ago, giving up my attempts to stay off caffeine; besides the chronic headaches and lack of control over my asthma, I had a craving I couldn’t stop, a dangerous obsession with wanting to go back to a stimulant dependence.

Caffeine isn’t much of a drug. By DSM-IV standards, it’s not particularly addictive- not compared to real addiction. It terrifies me how vulnerable I must be to something stronger.

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