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New Friend Test (With answers for old)

"Obscure Stuff" quiz closed...

1. What is the most volunteer credit for the St. Louis Science Center I have ever gotten in one session?
The very reasonable answers of 4, 6, and 8 are all totally wrong for zero points. One person chose 8 hours. The choice 16 hours, being the closest that's not correct, was a two point answer; also by one person. The correct answer, an incredible 48 hours, was selected by two people.

This incredible number was earned because my parents and I worked as a three-person team on the job. Our hours were pooled into my account (at my parents' request- they thought it was fair, with how many times they'd had to keep me from work) and doubled as it was a special event.8*3*2=48.

Admittedly, I may be wrong. I'm not sure if the hours were doubled, tripled, or quadrupled(!).

2. How did I earn them?
Three people gave the correct answer of "By stuffing 1,600 goodie bags." One person gave the almost-correct (three point) answer of "Helping at a halloween party"; while I did help with the halloween festivities, it had nothing to do with the party.

That job was one of few times where the Science Center really couldn't have done it without me.

3. What is the occupation of my grandfather on my father's side?
Physics professor at Washington University. The university tried to make him retire two years ago, but it failed, and he's not about to stop unitl he has to. Two correct answers; two people selected "retired."

4. What was the occupation of my grandfather on my mother's side until he died?
Farmer. Only one correct answer; one person got the wrong grandfather (selected "physics professor") and two people selected "undertaker," which nobody in my family has been for at least five generations.

5. What event pushed me into homeschooling?
I got beaten up a lot, but that wasn't the final straw. (The one person who chose that answer still gets five points.) Only one person correctly said "lasered in the eyes-" my vision has since mostly recovered, but I'm still very photosensitive. Two people selected "robbed of $150.00 at knifepoint;" I've never been robbed at knifepoint. I was once mugged at fistpoint of $10.26, however. (I never brought more than $15.00 to school for that reason.)

6. Which of these events has happened to me in the past?
I have never gotten shot, stabbed, pickpocketed, or demagnetized. I did, however, once have my history textbook seized and mangled.

7. What is my primary recurring problem in calculus?
I have minor dyscalcula- "minor" only in that affects only the sign of numbers; I don't confuse 9s for 6s. I still make massive, massive numbers of sign errors.

8. What is my preferred attire for spring-like or fall-like weather?
I prefer a white T-shirt and blue jeans when I can; only one person was correct. The other three of you chose the partial-credit response of "whatever I blindly grab in my morning stumblings," which is simply usually what happens. "Colorful T-shirt and khakis" was also partial credit, as that's what I usually wind up wearing.

9. Which of these classes did I once get a semeseter F in?
Everybody blew this one and said "P.E." I never flunked it; I did poorly, but still got high marks as I was the only well-behaved kid in the class. I once failed biology, however, due to a bad teacher. He wasn't as truly evil as Mrs. Bush, however.
History was worth 2 points of credit, as I once got a D- in history; English was 5 points of credit as I once got a D- only because my teacher gave me massive extra credit because he knew the problems I was having with depression. He awarded most of the points for my repairing his computers... repeatedly. I also wound up re-doing the entire semester- or starting to, before I got pulled out.

10. Which of these unusualy methodsd of getting injuries have I NOT done to myself?
I have never lost my balance on the stairs at high speed and broken my nose. I've lost my balance, but I remained uninjured due to judo.
I have, however, injured my neck by yawning while looking at a squirrel. The start of my journal details a handstand-sprained foot, and I once did get splinters from a broom.

New quiz will be up soon at the same place.

EDIT: It's up.
EDIT 2: Drel, I removed your score, as I made an error in the test. Your score should have been higher than shown; want to retake it?

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