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Judo: Saved by the Beth

Back to judo.

It's amazing how badly my skills can disintegrate in only two short weeks.

I suppose "Saved by the Beth" would be a good description of this class. Beth asked some very good questions about the warm-up excercizes- one of my errors was corrected, as were nine of Beth's and a few for Richard and Keith.

1. Keith looks weird in a black belt when I've known him for two years in a brown one.
2. Keith looks weard with a mustache and beard, when I've known him for two years without one.

Anyway, Beth's questions took most of the time- giving us a nice gentle start to the class.

Not that it wasn't without its faults.

"Sensei, I have to go to the bathroom..."
"Go ahead."
Throwing my shoes on, I started heading out the door.
I looked down. I had
forgotten to remove
my ankle weights...
*clatter* *clank*
for which the bars were falling out, as I had put the weights on upside-down with the pockets for the bars open towards the


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