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Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Judo: Saved by the Beth
color cycle (slow)
Back to judo.

It's amazing how badly my skills can disintegrate in only two short weeks.

I suppose "Saved by the Beth" would be a good description of this class. Beth asked some very good questions about the warm-up excercizes- one of my errors was corrected, as were nine of Beth's and a few for Richard and Keith.

1. Keith looks weird in a black belt when I've known him for two years in a brown one.
2. Keith looks weard with a mustache and beard, when I've known him for two years without one.

Anyway, Beth's questions took most of the time- giving us a nice gentle start to the class.

Not that it wasn't without its faults.

"Sensei, I have to go to the bathroom..."
"Go ahead."
Throwing my shoes on, I started heading out the door.
I looked down. I had
forgotten to remove
my ankle weights...
*clatter* *clank*
for which the bars were falling out, as I had put the weights on upside-down with the pockets for the bars open towards the


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*hehe* sonds like me going back to Tae Kwon Do after winter break of two weeks. *chuckles* The good news was that my only competition in that class can't really kick right now. Torn muscles and all. So That makes me top of the class for the time being! ^^

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