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Posting patterns

It's pretty hard not to notice that I haven't been posting much recently- not anything that wasn't an autoforwarded Twitter post. I still read LJ as much as ever, I just haven't posted.

Twitter, I find, is much better for chronicling events, but useless for being a dump for random thought debris; conversely, LiveJournal lack's Twitter's immediacy for events, but is excellent to just express something. So that is how I intend to use the services, and I will release my pointless feelings of guilt at not updating LiveJournal with the events of the last month or two, and stop feeling obligated to make a catch-up post before making a thought debris post. If you want events, read my Twitter posts.

Although I have a different excuse for being unpresent this last week: Rakeela and I now have an XBOX 360. Fear my video-game incompetence. I wanted it mostly as a media center, actually, since I got frustrated trying to use my underpowered laptop for the purpose. But we're certainly getting a few games, especially given Microsoft Company Store prices...

For other XBOX people, here's my profile.
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