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St. Louis Science Center: Dark 'Vator

The only public elevator in the main building blew out today.

Not only that, but all the staff elevators are already busted. Hence, we had no way to transport people with wheelchairs or strollers between floors.

Therefore, I had to help an old lady- erm, aged female, to be politicaly correct- get back down to the exit.

It was a three-person team: One elevator repair tech and the lady's grandson accompanied her down the escalator, while I carried the 45 pound wheelchair down the stairs.

Carried, not rolled. Our stairs are too steep for me to roll it. And floors are double height in the Center, so I essentially carried it down two floors.


Other interesting notes: A well-trained seeing eye dog that, for a change, caused no problems. She was a very well trained golden retriever; when a small child ignored the "DO NOT PET" sign and went over to pet her anyway, the dog didn't move a muscle- except for the ones in her tail, which she wagged. But the dog didn't budge- not even when a different child ran away screaming from it. (Or me. I tend to do that to children.)

I complimented the man on having such a well-trained dog, and continued my work.

At least that dog didn't try to mark its territory while in the building.

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