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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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  • 02:11 Learned one of my friends from grade school was arrested for a crash in which he was high on pot and LSD. I'm never Googling people again. #

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Eh... google yourself. For fun. Besides that, I agree - except in two instances:

1) Google yourself before you start looking for a job. It's a poor man's background check, that some employers use because they are either too cheap, or don't know how to do the real thing. Sometimes less is more (or having a name like John Smith) can be good.

Oh, I lied. Only that one instance.

If you're hiring someone, do a darn background check (as one of the things you do after the interview, but before you let them know that the job is theirs if they want it).

Scary to look names from your past. When the statewide database of county court cases went online a while back I looked up name of old friends and such "just for fun" to see if any of them got divorced or speeding tickets or whatever. I found a guy I knew had been arrested (and was serving time) as a pedo and that a girl I dated stabbed her husband and was still waiting for trial.

Some things you're better off not knowing, lol.

Maybe I shouldn't have joined that Facebook group for my high school graduating class. (I'm really only in touch with one member of it, who is having a busy and satisfying life; I met my best friend in high school, but she was in the class ahead of mine.)

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