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A healthy work relationship for the unhealthy

So as may or may not have been piecetogetherable from my Twitter posts, Rakeela and I went to the going-out-of-business-sale (and party; Rakeela stayed late enough to attend the wake) for Oroboro Games, a local privately-owned board game store that just couldn't keep up with the rent from a few bad months after four and a half years of operation. Rakeela bought Arkham Horror (all of Arkham Horror), while I bought Illuminati and the Y2K expansion. We also came home with somewhere near a theoretical $400 worth of cards for a failed CCG with a lot of good ideas but insufficient marketing, about half of Steve's entire stock, since he'd been coimpletely unable to sell it and it's one less (okay, several less) thing he's got to move out and take home. He's moving his store online, and the D&D group he runs will now run out of his home.

Anyway, Rakeela and I ate at the local teriyaki place in the same strip mall, and it obviously didn't set well with me; I've been up all night under extreme digestive distress, leading to partial dehydration- with no Gatorade to replenish electrolytes, nor Sprite to help settle my stomach and help with some other symptoms, I had nothing to really treat it with except extensive use of ginger- which does nothing for the dehydration. I find it interseting how my digestive system will accept Gatorade when it won't accept water.

The Amazon Fresh order won't be here until late this evening, which would be too late to do me much good. Which is why I sent a text message to my supervisor, on his cell phone, on a Sunday morning, explaining (briefly; Short Message Service is short) the stuation and asking if he'd go to a local grocery store and pick up Sprite and Gatorade for me, and I'd reimburse him.

My boss can be a really awesome person sometimes. And it's amazing how much the slow with-electrolytes rehydration is helping me.

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