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Sleep Cycle
color cycle (slow)
I'm going to have to force myself to get on a reasonable sleep cycle. 2:00a - 10:00a doesn't do it for me, especially as with the 2:00a being when I go to bed, with me really falling asleep somewhere around 3:30a, and only waking up at 10:00a when my father leaves the lights on, turns on the radio, and cranks up the volume. On non-work weekends, I sleep until noon.

I gotta fix this. At least I'm tired enough today from playing outside in 5in. of snow (yay!) that I actually feel like going to bed...

suggestions, please?

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My sleep cycle is 3:00am - 11:00am at the moment, as I'm not at school (I'm supposed to be revising, but the amount of that going on is rather limited...) So I don't think I'm particularly qualified to offer any helpful advice. I need it as well!

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