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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Apparently, Rakeela and I aren't the only people in the complex having washing machine problems. It turns out that the majority of people with outside washer/dryer units have the same problem: the pipes froze.

Apparently, every maintenance person they have is on staff right now, getting paid overtime, and driving around in golf carts moving space heaters around and trying to handle the pipes that actually burst. I've been added to the list, but it might be two or three days before they get that far...

Fortunately, I've got my own space heater. (Two of them, actually.) I'm supposed to set it on a medium temperature setting, put it on top of the dryer, aim it at the washer turn it on, and close the doors; I'm to check on it every half-hour or so to make sure it's not overheating, since the pipes need to be thawed gently.

They're also opening a few of their unoccupied units with interior washer/dryer to everybody in the complex, as "emergency laundry facilities". I'm not sure three units are enough to cover the entire complex, but it's what they had available...

I just hope the washer thaws quickly!

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At least they're trying to come up with solutions!

In talking to the residences of some of the apartment complexes hereabouts, the management/maintenance is sometimes atrociously neglectful of the needs of their residents....


Re: At least they're trying to come up with solutions!

I agree, I've got to credit them on those grounds; the leasing company here has always been responsive to our needs. This is just a bit larger-scale than they're used to handling.

And for more credit: they're right. My space heater thawed out the washer just fine, and it works again.

Ah...the pains of having your washer in a storage unit outside your apartment. Apparently, noone thought that it _might_ be helpful to keep the area around those pipes warm--Considering we had temeratures like this back in 1980, and 1994 (the year I remember having the blizzard here).

Hell, maybe they could have thought about setting up automatic heating to keep that shed of yours over 50 degrees.

*Giggles and enjoys his in-unit setup now*

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