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The sincerest form of flattery

As I think I mentioned on here, several months ago, I bought a bike rack and installed it in my parking spot at the apartment complex. Rakeela and I don't have a car, so our bikes are our vehicles, and we're allowed to put "appropriate vehicle parking apparatuses" in our parking spot; we installed it first and asked permission later, but the apartment managers didn't object in the slightest and preferred that solution to the "park the damn thing under the stairs" approach. (The fire department really prefers the "bike rack in the parking spot" approach, for obvious reasons.)

I've noticed that within the last week, one of our across-the-street neighbors (or at least a nearby neighbor with a parking spot just on the other side of the complex's driveway loop) has also purchased and installed a bike rack in their parking spot. This amuses me.

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