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Vacation schedule
I've finally gotten it worked out with my boss how I'll be using my vacation time. I have over a week of vacation time that's going to expire at the end of the year if I don't take it, since I haven't taken any vacation time until now and only one year's worth of accumulation can be carried over- and I've been at Microsoft for a year and a half.

The upshot to this is that the 12th of December is the last day I'll work this year; I have the remainder of the year off.

Not sure how I'll use the time, but the vacation is definitely much-needed. Well, I do know part of how I'll use the time: aggressively cleaning up this apartment. Hopefully for guests, but I don't have guests lined up.

Yet. :)

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You and roughly half of campus if not more. It was a ghost town last year. We eventually can go down to such a skeleton crew we can do our jobs with like 5techs instead of 50 :)

Yeah, that's why this was decided as a good vacation time for me: everybody else is gone, so it's not like having me not there is going to slow anything else down!

Wow nice, enjoy your time off :D

I hope your vacation is a blast. Three weeks of doing what ya want. Stay home and have company over, or drive around and see the world, or just go on out and go carazy!

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