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I am drenched with sweat.

My shirt is drenched with sweat. My pants are soaked with sweat. My jacket is wet from my sweat. My face drips with sweat, not rain. The dampness of my raincoat is nothing compared to my shirt, soaked with my sweat.

My lungs are burning and tired. My heart is still trying to catch up on delivering the oxygen I burned through. I am thirsty and hungry. I am fatigued. I am only now catching my breath.

I feel great.

Biking two miles uphill from the center of Redmond back to near Overlake (my apartment is near Microsoft) should not be a big deal for an experienced bicyclist, but the majority of my bicycle riding is on relatively flat land, and two consecutive miles of hill isn't something I'd usually do. But I didn't feel like leaving Soulfood Books early just to catch the last bus when I knew I could just bike back- and I wanted to test myself.

I feel good. That hill was difficult, but apparently well within my abilities. Leg fatigue got to me a little, but it was highly temporary- just downshifting was enough for my legs to recover within seconds when they started to ache. Cardiovascular fatigue was my problem, instead; I need to work on my sustained cardiovascular endurance, and I will proceed to do so. Good thing Dance Dance Revolution is excellent for grinding a few levels in that.

And yeah, it had me feeling more dragonly and rawrful, so much the better. I'm not sure where the cause and effect was, though. A mental shift and I'm focused much more strongly on my physical-dragon form, as opposed to the energy-based entity I also am that frameacloud illustrated me so well as, and my level of fatigue plummeted- I just felt a hell of a lot stronger, and less fatigued (in a cardiovascular sense) as well. An amusing correlation, at the very least.
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