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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Why I'll be getting a Flickr Pro account
The poll on my previous non-Twitter entry came out as a 3-to-3 draw. Thanks for the advice, everybody!

Actually, it helped, because I got a better feel for the reasons I'd want or not want Flickr. And for what I want out of photo hosting, Flickr does it better than LiveJournal.

I don't just want a photo dump to hold pictures I can occasionally glue to LiveJournal entries or point to later. ScrapBook is great for that, and it will continue to be the repository of non-Flickr things; given my proclivity to make diagrams for just about everything (at least in my notes), I'll still be using the LiveJournal provided image hosting. I'll just be using Flickr for photos.

I want to become a better photographer. I like photography; it's a fascinating form of visual art. I am not a professional photographer, obviously, nor am I likely to be, nor am I likely to develop my skill to that level. But I believe I could become skilled at it, instead of average as I currently consider myself to be, and I wish to do so. This includes not just the basics of snapshots, but learning how I really should be setting all the settings in my camera for each shot ("Auto Shot" is fast and reasonable enough, and it's much smarter on this than on my previous cameras, but I still need to know how to tweak the settings ideally), and then to become skilled at touchup thereafter, courtesy of Serif PhotoPlus- both to improve the photo as a photo, and to do things to it as art. (Some things look interesting hypersaturated.) I already have marginally passable Photoshop skills to get votes in Fark contests; I now want to play with it for the task for which it was built.

I want feedback on my photos. I want to show them off somewhere prominent, rather than as purely an adjunct to something else- namely, this blog- and have the ability to get feedback from like-minded people on improving that skill. Flickr is ideal for this.

Finally, I really like the Photostream concept- the cross-gallery "latest pictures" list; it makes galleries much more browseable, and it matches how I like to navigate.

So I'll be getting Flickr Pro, eventually. It can wait until morning, at the very least.

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:) I'd be happy to help with critiquing pics. I'm an amatuer myself, but film-based. (Should you ever want to try out black&white film/darkroom, talk to me. I have a complete b&w darkroom.

Sounds like fun!!

Can't speak to "professional," but being a good photographer pretty much involves the same sort of practice any other discipline does.

The more shots you take, the more you learn -- and the higher the chance of a random shot hitting that perfect, magical sweet spot. The first rule of photography is to take at least 20 photos for every 1 that you post. If you're not throwing away half of your ideas, you're losing most of your opportunity for the brilliant ones.

Shadowbaxil icon, btw, is a photo.

My proportion of toss-to-keep is somewhere around 3:1 or 4:1.

Digital cameras have made photography a much less expensive proposition. I'm glad I'm not wasting real film on all those bad shots!

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