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Photo hosting
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I'm currently deciding whether I should stick with LiveJournal's on-site photo hosting solution (Scrapbook) or move over to Flickr. Flickr Free's limitations are too severe for my taste, especially the downsampling; I like my full-resolution photos to remain full-resolution in case someone with a large computer display wants to use it as a backdrop, or if someone would prefer to print something as some sort of personal decoration. Not all that likely, I know, but options I want to keep open.

I like Flickr's image comments, the site is much more pleasant to navigate than ScrapBook, and it's much better for just image viewing as people who want a larger size by 640x480 don't have to endure the eight-megapixel horror that is the full resolution of my new camera. Flickr also has usable upload clients, which Scrapbook still hasn't generated.

However, I'm years away from the 10GB limit of Scrapbook's hosting- the limit for those of us with Permanent accounts, anyway. Flickr would cost me an extra $25 (or $23.995, if I go alternate years; worthless savings, it's only $0.60 given the interest I'd collect on having the $25 in my bank account instead) per year, and I'm not sure if I should make the switch, since I already have a stable image dump.

I'm honestly leaning towards Flickr, especially as the resolution of my camera's gone up again, but I'd like more opinions.

Poll #1300646 Flickr?

Should I get a Pro Account with Flickr and use it for photo hosting, or should I keep using LiveJournal ScrapBook?

Move to Flickr.
Just stick to ScrapBook.

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Flickr. It's better for the picture management and - perversely! - it's easier to post to LJ via the Blog This function than to use Scrapbook's posting function. Switched and didn't look back even a little.

LiveJournal lets me post entire batches, though, while I haven't seen a feature on Flickr that would let me do that.

I was curious why you excluded PhotoBucket? It has a LJ inclusion, tagging (including areas of the image) and such.

Because I dislike Photobucket's interface and find their site unpleasant to navigate.

Fair enough. I'm not too keen on the interface so far, myself. Let me know how it goes for you.

I have signed up for Flickr twice now. Will be deleting the account there again.

The problem I have with it isn't that it's not useful. ITs just that I already use quite a few similar services. Flickr would just be another site I'd have to remember, and for them blasting ads onto the free accounts..and the other limitations that don't get let up when you upgrade, I'd rather just stick with the other 2-3 that I currently use.

Of course part of the reasoning behind it is the limitations on Flicr in regards to artwork and adult images.

The artwork limitation is that if you don't make it, they can ban you instantly for violating the TOS and Copyright--even if you have WRITTEN permission to post it online.

Either way...I still prefer my own site for the adult images especially. Not to mention that DPH Library and Gallery does not have such strict limitations and is FREE.

Not to mention, I do find flickr rather hard to navigate compared to other sites I've used.

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