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Spreading my luck

Here at Microsoft, the humble 8GB Zune seems to be the default random-ass drawing prize for filling out surveys or otherwise participating in the administration of the company. It's also been used as a "thank you for not driving" prize, and a few other things. I have no need for one, as my 80GB Zune is a little more to my taste- 8GB simply isn't enough space to fit my indecision onto comfortably.

It came to pass that I did indeed win such a drawing. (Of all the people in Building 37, I and the person diagonally across the hall from me were the only two winners. This amused us, and the woman giving them out.) It was for a "so what do you think of the new building?" survey, which I answered mostly so I could rant about some of the worse design decisions here.

I therefore have a new black 8GB Zune; the box has only been opened to verify that all the pieces are there. I'd like to get something of use out of my prize, and it's a shame to let a perfectly good MP3 player go to waste (honestly, in my experience, the Zune really is a very good media player) when someone could be using it.

I'll start with y'all.

This is an auction. If anybody here wants the Zune, bid in the comments. I'd rather sell it to someone I know, so this isn't a generally open call for passing this around, but I'm not hiding it either; if you know someone who really wants an MP3 player and can outbid what's been posted so far, let me know.

Bids do not have to be monetary and can involve trades for products or services. It may not be obvious which bid is "winning"; this is entirely fine with me. (Actually, that's part of the fun.) My value on things may not match anybody else's.

Once I get bored with this, if I have any bids that offer something I'd be willing to sell the Zune for, I'll sell it to the person who made the offer I like the most. Yes, there's trust involved because this isn't being run through a major auction site; I reserve the right to reject a "winning" bid from someone I believe won't deliver on it. And if none of the bids seem like a reasonable trade, I'll declare this "reserve not met" and then go use an actual auction site instead.

Any interest? New-in-box Zune 8, box opened only to confirm that every part is present, including cable and pack-in earbuds.

Edited to add: tugrik has offered to engrave the back of the Zune with the pattern of your choice, free of charge, as long as you accept the extra delay and that it's going to involve experimental settings as his first time getting to aim his laser at a Zune.
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