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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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An MSNBC highlight

An enthusiastic voter turnout
An enthusiastic voter turnout
So much for making clear the difference between "too close to call" and "too early to call".

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Thanks for that. I'm not watching television, but following things via a thread at my favorite blog (Making Light, where Bruce Schneier is leading a discussion) and the occasional google when I start wondering about, say, the Delaware governor's race (Dem.) or the NY state senate (too soon to tell).

Aha, but don't forget: zero and zero are VERY close! :P

Depends on whether we're dealing with large or small values of 0. ;)

Woot for bugs!

Also, I wonder how they'd sensationalize it if it was a Condorcet count.. would they have the entire matrix up there? Not enough room!

Maybe they wouldn't. That would be a very good thing. But when you get ranked voting, the devil is probably going to complain of frostbite.

I honestly think the only reason we haven't discarded the Electoral College yet is that it makes for a more exciting game show.

The real reason is probably positive feedback and resulting stasis. At the risk of harping, though, I'll say that game shows are pretty bad information gathering devices.

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