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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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The Joy of Piracy
I have a meaningful TV antenna now. This is a change; my previous TV antenna was absolutely useless for actually getting a signal. My current antenna gives me fuzzy staticky signals on everything VHF and beautifully clear signals on everything UHF. Unfortunately, I care mostly about the VHF stations- PBS, plus The Amazing Race on CBS.

Which is why I'm letting other people record The Amazing Race for me. I try to watch it over the air, but I find myself missing more than half the show in bursts of static and bad picture- so I've been using BitTorrent to actually find the show.

It almost seems like a legitimate use. I'm still not watching CBS' ads, though, and even though I "could have" watched it over the air, it doesn't change that I'm still just downloading someone else's high-quality rip from cable.

Oh well. If CBS streamed it online, even if I had to pay a small subscription fee and/or watch ads, I'd do it. But they don't provide any legitimate way for people with crappy TV signals to watch the show, so I guess I'm stuck with illegitimate means.

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You'll be SOL in a few months. In February it's all going digital so you'll need a digital converter, or a digital converter equipped TV. :S

My TV is only a year old. It fully supports digital TV, and that's why PBS is crystal-clear: I've got a good enough signal to catch its digital subchannel with minimal glitching and the result is excellent quality, as digital signals are robust like that.

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