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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Friend Test: Answers
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Well, the test is closed, nobody else is answering... I'll make a new one soon, actually.

1. When was I born?
I was born on June 8, 1986 (I'm approximately 16.5 years old). Two out of five people gave the correct answer; the most popular wrong answer put me at 17.5 years old (1985) and one person had the right year, but the wrong day.

2. Wrong answers, one by one:
I wrote the relatively popular FourOUT that became a staple of calculators at Lindbergh High. The one person who chose this is incorrect.
I've never done a standardized test where I haven't gotten in the 99th percentile, actually. Nobody picked that one.
Two people said I never ate worms. Surprise! My 3rd grade science teacher once baked up a batch of Worm Cookies (well boiled, don't worry) and I was one of eight (out of thirty-six) students who actually ate one. They were pretty good, really.
One person said I never punched anybody. Once, and only once, I did; in self defence, but indeed I did.
I have never accidentally formatted a hard drive. I've done it... but only deliberately.

3. Everybody correctly said that I have athsma.

4. Four people were correct that I work at the St. Louis Science Center. One person blew it and said I work at the art museum.

5. Surprise! Nobody got this one correct. I have an MSN Gaming Zone account, but I never play; I am active on Pogo and Flipside (for Tumble Bees and Wordox, respectively).

6. Three people correctly stated that I own a Game Boy Advance. One person said Game Boy Color; this is a half-credit answer, as I gave my old GBC to my mother when I got a GBA. I do not have an N64; my parents won't let me buy one.

7. I have a very severe phobia of wasps, from being blindsided by them four times (stung without seeing them until it's too late). I go into full a panic if I see a wasp in the area and it's not in a cage. I used to be somewhat claustrophobic, but this is no longer the case, as I've developed an immunity to it from working at the Planetarium, where one of my jobs is, essentially, "elevator operator."

8. My computer is a Win98/Red Hat dual boot machine. I don't have BeOS, and probably never will.

9. Eiko Shepard is my sensei, not my kata partner. Sho Ota had to be my kata partner for two months and one public performance, which is why this choice nets you seven points; however, Robert Bauer is my regular partner.

10, everybody got right.

UPDATE: The new test is up... http://KistaroWindrider.friendtest.com

...There is a lot less half-credit on this one, and the questions are much more obscure. Don't feel too bad about a zero.

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4. Four people were correct that I work at the St. Louis Science Center. One person blew it and said I work at the art museum.

That was me, and I saw it when I hit "next" but by then, I said screw it.

I got the wasp one right too, I think, but it was a guess. I'm terrified of wasps/bees myself after one managed to crawl into a shorts-leg during PE, and when I felt it rubbing there on my thigh(the outside side of the thigh, pervs), I reached down to itch it, and it stung my pinky. It hurt like HELL. Finger got all swollen, and the stinger was stuck in it for some time, etc, etc. Bleh.

Oh. I made a 25 on your new test. Whee.

Woo, 60! I think I had a run of facts that I knew at the start, and a few other lucky guesses.

I'd do a quiz of obscurer facts, but the last batch was difficult enough, by the looks of things!

Great score!

I made this test harder, but fairer; while not always on my LJ, I have mentioned all of the facts on the quiz on some public forum.

As for question 10, you and Drel both got it wrong the same way. Yes, I actually did that to myself two years ago- yawned, turned my neck sharply to look at a squirrel, *CRUNCH*, and my neck has never been the same.

I get the weirdest injuries.

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