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Anybody in the area need a cell phone?

For those who don't know, Rakeela used to use a pay-as-you-go cell phone with i-Wireless, which is apparently a well-disguised branch of Sprint. We're now sharing a family plan with my parents, which has plenty of minutes for all of us; she's using my old T-Mobile MDA, since I replaced it with that MWg Atom Life some time ago.

This means we've got an i-Wireless-connected LG something-or-other in reaonable shape (it's taken cosmetic damage, but no damage to either screen). No camera, no Bluetooth, standard flip-phone, everybody with its phone number has been notified to use the new one instead. Outer screen is black-and-white (shows time and status); inner screen is high color.

This phone currently has $15.05 in credit on it. Night and weekend calls cost $0.10/minute; peak time calls (9a-7p weekdays) cost $0.25/minute. Outgoing text messages are $0.10; incoming text messages are free. MMS either way are $0.25.

i-Wireless has an "expiration date" for your credit, which is 90 days after you last added $20 in credit to the phone. This gives the phone a minimum cost of $6.66/mo (approximately). We've held onto the phone for a while to make sure we didn't need to switch back to it; as a result, the $15.05 will expire in six days unless someone extends it.

I'll give the phone to anybody who wants it. If you want it but can't get it before the $15.05 expires, I can add $20 for you as long as you pay me back for it (leaving you with $35.05 starting credit). If someone non-local wants it, I'll also want shipping costs. The original box, manual, and charger are all available.

Anybody need a pay-as-you-go cell phone?

(And if not, I'll probably just keep the thing around as an emergency 911 phone. I'm considering whether it's worth $20/3mo to keep it fully alive as a spare phone.)
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