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Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Anybody in the area need a cell phone?
For those who don't know, Rakeela used to use a pay-as-you-go cell phone with i-Wireless, which is apparently a well-disguised branch of Sprint. We're now sharing a family plan with my parents, which has plenty of minutes for all of us; she's using my old T-Mobile MDA, since I replaced it with that MWg Atom Life some time ago.

This means we've got an i-Wireless-connected LG something-or-other in reaonable shape (it's taken cosmetic damage, but no damage to either screen). No camera, no Bluetooth, standard flip-phone, everybody with its phone number has been notified to use the new one instead. Outer screen is black-and-white (shows time and status); inner screen is high color.

This phone currently has $15.05 in credit on it. Night and weekend calls cost $0.10/minute; peak time calls (9a-7p weekdays) cost $0.25/minute. Outgoing text messages are $0.10; incoming text messages are free. MMS either way are $0.25.

i-Wireless has an "expiration date" for your credit, which is 90 days after you last added $20 in credit to the phone. This gives the phone a minimum cost of $6.66/mo (approximately). We've held onto the phone for a while to make sure we didn't need to switch back to it; as a result, the $15.05 will expire in six days unless someone extends it.

I'll give the phone to anybody who wants it. If you want it but can't get it before the $15.05 expires, I can add $20 for you as long as you pay me back for it (leaving you with $35.05 starting credit). If someone non-local wants it, I'll also want shipping costs. The original box, manual, and charger are all available.

Anybody need a pay-as-you-go cell phone?

(And if not, I'll probably just keep the thing around as an emergency 911 phone. I'm considering whether it's worth $20/3mo to keep it fully alive as a spare phone.)

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Actually, I'd be more than happy to get it for Steel...that way he at least has a phone I can call him with (depending upon him actually having it on him.) It'll be better than nothing (or him using ONLY Skpe).

Okay, you're welcome to it! Rakeela just cleared off all personal information, so it's ready for a new owner.

The $15.05 expires in two days, on the 8th. Given that you'll need to add money to it for it to be usable anyway, should I go ahead and add $20?

Added, because letting the balance expire makes no sense. When can I get the phone to you? I'll also need to transfer the account to a new e-mail address (and a new password); I've already removed my credit card information.

I can be there to pick it up tonight

Okay, that'll work. I'm not ready for guests, unfortunately- I sort of need the night to clean up the living room, wash dishes, wash laundry, and then get extra sleep. (Plus, Rakeela will be out at a D&D group.) But I can certainly hand off the cell phone and reset the web site log in information. (What should the new e-mail address associated with the phone be?) I'm working from home, so I can be here any time.

I'm a retard, I could have totally dropped by to get the phone while out and about.

Looks like I'll potpone it till tomorrow or the next day though.

the email should be mine (jmac32here@army.com)

I haven't heard back from you, so I'm going to just go ahead and shower and make plans to sleep. We'll get the cell phone transfered some other day, sorry.

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