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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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color cycle (slow)
  • 10:12 My stereo Bluetooth headset is great for days like this- it's connected to my MP3 player for music, and my cell phone to read my e-mail. #
  • 10:22 Oh, that's right, I'd forgotten. That headset has such a vice-grip on my skull it gives me a massive headache after thirty minutes. #
  • 10:49 @byzil: Isn't it amazing the difference a better bike can make? Decent shifting, smoother pedals, and a lighter frame are great. #
  • 22:47 Rakeela's been playing Spore all evening. I'm playing Apollo Justice instead- they both arrived today from Amazon. #
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Is Spore any good, really?

Any good? Yes. $50 of good? Relative to other new-release video games, yes, but relative to the entire back library of the Nintendo GameCube and its current market rates, no. SecuRom and a 3-install limit (not reinstated for uninstalls)? That's actually worse than the limit on Windows itself and that alone would've cancelled the order for me if not for Rakeela's interest in the game.

I haven't played yet, though; I'm going from what I observed of Rakeela's gaming.

...you know exactly how to read the question and tell me what's relevant, don't you? That is pretty much what I was asking, thanks. :)

Well, I figure that if you're curious, you're considering buying the game. So if you're considering buying the game, it should be analyzed within the context of your game-purchasing habits, not mine and not the arbitrary general standards of the market; hence, a customized answer. Glad to be useful!

Ah, Apollo Justice. I don't mind the loss of psyche-locks, and the perceive mechanic is used well enough. There's nothing like some good Phoenix Wright mysteries. I'm looking forward to Perfect Prosecutor starring Edgeworth whenever that comes out. I think this or next month they're announcing a non-game project for the series as well. I'm personally hoping for a live action drama that's over the top.

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