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So I finally got un-lazy and added a year's backlog of good photos

...And in conclusion, I should take more photos than I do. Lots more photos.

Edited to add: So what would y'all be curious for photos of?

The Path The Path
Taken October of 2007, during my daily walk to work. I bike now, but I'd still hop off and take a photo if I had a chance like this.
Quack Quack
Photo taken of a drainage ditch outside Overlake Transit Center.
Caww caww caww caww caww Caww caww caww caww caww
The crow population around here is healthy.
Caww Caww
Another crow picture.
Nightime Clouds Nightime Clouds
Photo taken in early 2008, I think.

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