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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Nostradamus, remixed
nyah, tongueout, glasses, nerd
For entertainment, I've been wandering around a web site of Nostradamus' prophecies. What Nostradamus wrote and what people are extrapolating from this in the present day seem entirely divorced from each other, which amuses me greatly.

I want to take the entire written works of Nostradamus and feed them into a Markov chain generator with three-word look-behind (but allowing novel groups of four or three words, although not of two), and commas and newlines as lexical elements. Then I want to see how reliably people can tell the difference between Markov-generated prophecies and Nostradamus-generated prophecies; I suspect the actual distinction rate will be very low except for people who have actually studied the source material...

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I'm stocking some water just in case. Now, to find some good food to stoch. ^'======'^

Oooh, that would be amusing. Let me know if you want hosting space for it. I'd be happy to stick it on Tlands.

Source material is probably best copied from
or, with a little more effort but also containing the original Latin,

Both will require a little copying and pasting.
Project Gutenburg doesn't seem to have anything relevant.

This sounds like the tiny seed of what could very well become the next Internet Phenomenon.

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