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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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How well do you know me?
stupid, silly
Spreading a meme from shereth, I present...
the How Well Do You Know Kistaro Windrider? test.
Any takers?

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Tough questions you got there .. mmm, at least I got a minimally passing grade.

As a note, for the one's you got wrong, you picked all the answers I put in there to fool people who were simply guessing.

I guess I did *that* much right, at least...

Not bad, though, not bad... and as I mentioned, I still don't know how I made a 79 on your test.

Ho ho, sneaky thing .. too bad I didn't think of such a thing. Guess I fell for it =)

77... woo! A combination of actually knowing a few of the answers, and a rather larger number of educated guesses :)

7/10 ain't bad at all... especially since of the other three, one of them I gave 7 points for. (Obviously.) I gave pretty good credit for it, as it's almost right...

Although you DID totally blow the other two. FourOUT became a staple of the TI-86 during my time at Lindbergh High, and I play frequently at Pogo.

(Of course, that only eliminates one of the wrong answers for each of those questions... good luck to others who read this and think they have a leg up!)

What was the third question that I got wrong?

As for the question about gaming places, I knew two of the answers were wrong quite obviously since I've also played on them. I think I first thought the correct answer, but changed it.

Most of the question that included the calculator program seemed fairly reasonable to me. I thought you'd be trying to catch people out, so didn't go for the obvious answer. Perhaps it was right.

You got my kata partner mostly wrong. I worked with Sho for a while when my regular partner couldn't participate in one of the tournaments, but he's not my regular partner. (He did recently return to Japan, however.)

And yes, I have eaten worms. Well boiled, chopped up into pieces, and baked into a batch of cookies. Mrs. Thomas (my science teacher from 2nd and 3rd grade, to be replaced in 4th grade by the worst teacher I ever had) made good worm cookies.

Ah, I guess that would explain my subconscious urging me towards that particular answer.

Lovely. I think I might give them a miss, though...

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