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Anybody want a pair of bass-overbalanced earphones?
headwall, frustration
Well, I made a bad purchase from Amazon.

I bought two pairs of V-Moda Bass Freq earphones the other day, to replace the Phillips SHE9500s that I seem to have lost. I expected a moderate bass lift on them, which is helpful in earbuds; I didn't expect that bass lift to be so severe it destroys any balance the music might have had. I like well-balanced bass, not to crank my subwoofer up to the maximum setting when listening to music by Dar Williams or S. J. Tucker- I don't even like it for the Chemical Bros., actually.

It's more than a little gross to share or resell used in-the-ear earphones, so I'll keep the pair I've tried, but I have another pair new in the package. For anybody who can get it- I know there are a lot of locals who read this journal- I'll sell that pair for $19.50; if multiple people want it, highest bid, with ties broken by first to place that bid. $19.50 is, after the shipping cost, how much money I'll get back if I send them right back to Amazon, which I will do if I can't offload these locally for a similar price.

Anybody on this list from around here (Redmond area) who likes excessive bass?

Also, anybody got good earphone reviews? I'll just buy another set of SHE9500s if I don't get better ideas. They're quite good for their price tag; I want earbuds for portability, my primary headphones will probably remain the giant Everglide E100s I bought from Woot when I'm in a situation where I can reasonably carry them.

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I have a pair of these. Don't read too much into the cost - I paid $15 for mine, but they have suprising advantages. They're well balanced, but because they have a slick-surfaced expanding foam insert (you squish them up like foam earplugs to put them in), they're a direct linkage into the ear canal and all the bass they make transfers directly to your eardrum. It's not overbearing, it's just very clear and well defined and...well, y'know, audible. The listed frequency response (16Hz-23kHz), owning a pair, is entirely believable.

They also provide something like 15 or 20dB of old-fashioned block-out-the-sound noise isolation, which particularly in a noisy environment is a good thing. I've used mine with suprising success on a long convoy in loud trucks.

I used a pair of those three or four years ago, $10 from Best Buy; they were a lot better than the crappo $5 pack-in earbuds I'd been using previously, but the Phillips SHE-9500s I replaced their replacements with blow them out of the water. Actually, the earphones I replaced them with directly were a significant improvement, although not quite as massive. The reviews talk about "new" and "old" models, but mine seem to be the "new" model by main color.

I'm looking at the $25 Sennheisers that Amazon has, except they're out of stock at the moment. I should pull up my Wish List to find out more. Reviews say that the next meaningful step up is $160-ish, which isn't unreasonable, but it's more than I want to pay right now.

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