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Communications, and price quote?
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My old cell phone is not destined to lie alone and unloved. Rakeela's got it now, and with a new SIM card on the way, it's soon to be added to the T-Mobile Family Plan. We've decided that, given our usage, the unlimited family text/media messaging plan makes the most sense; Rakeela has no data plan and so will be using text messaging for IM, which requires unlimited messages (the text-IM clients eat a few messages per minute for status updates, plus one or more for each message, depending on message length- and we're verbose people), while I've had a 400-message plan for a while. Unlimited messages for one phone costs $15, 400 messages cost $5, and unlimited messaging for the entire plan costs $20. The choice is fairly obvious.

The upshot to this is that I'm no longer limited by text/picture/video message count limits, so for those of you for whom I've given out my cell number, feel free to use such messaging features aggressively.

Change of subject: I know I have a number of artist-type people on my Friends List. Well, I've been using this default moodtheme for several years now (LJ is the longest I've ever stayed with a single web site, which is most of why I decided to buy a Permanent Account a couple sales ago), and I'd prefer something a little more customized. I'd like to take estimates for moodthemes from any of y'all interested in selling one- price, number of mood icons created, approximate time to completion would be appreciated. I'm not sure how many distinct icons I want- I'll have to figure that out, but seeing waht the range of offers are will help me solidify that.
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Well, the mood theme I use was made from emoticons by Figarou and re-colored by Ked. They can be found in the Paradice forums (not-aptly named 'Chair' right now). Several colors (besides grey) exist.

If you're wanting mood icons, I'd really really suggest Kitoxa. She does BEAUTIFUL artwork, and at no more than $2 per icon (that's for the really animated ones), she's got an awesome deal.

She's been working on her mood icons lately, and I'd really say that she's the best person to go to for good, timely, and well-done art.

And she's currently open for commissions on those:

Yush, I just got some moodies from Kitoxa, check out my lastest entry to see them all :B

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