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Communications, and price quote?

My old cell phone is not destined to lie alone and unloved. Rakeela's got it now, and with a new SIM card on the way, it's soon to be added to the T-Mobile Family Plan. We've decided that, given our usage, the unlimited family text/media messaging plan makes the most sense; Rakeela has no data plan and so will be using text messaging for IM, which requires unlimited messages (the text-IM clients eat a few messages per minute for status updates, plus one or more for each message, depending on message length- and we're verbose people), while I've had a 400-message plan for a while. Unlimited messages for one phone costs $15, 400 messages cost $5, and unlimited messaging for the entire plan costs $20. The choice is fairly obvious.

The upshot to this is that I'm no longer limited by text/picture/video message count limits, so for those of you for whom I've given out my cell number, feel free to use such messaging features aggressively.

Change of subject: I know I have a number of artist-type people on my Friends List. Well, I've been using this default moodtheme for several years now (LJ is the longest I've ever stayed with a single web site, which is most of why I decided to buy a Permanent Account a couple sales ago), and I'd prefer something a little more customized. I'd like to take estimates for moodthemes from any of y'all interested in selling one- price, number of mood icons created, approximate time to completion would be appreciated. I'm not sure how many distinct icons I want- I'll have to figure that out, but seeing waht the range of offers are will help me solidify that.
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