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Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Oh, I am so buying one of these before they run out. Probably tomorrow. It should work on T-Mobile's network. And that leaves me with no reason to extend the contract when the current one expires- I'm the only person on the family plan who actually strongly wants a phone upgrade. (My HTC Wizard isn't cutting it with how over-heavily I use it. I haven't been impressed with the Wing, so seeing this option available to me is NERDGASM at just the right time- immediately after I get paid for the half-month.)

Only $50 more than I was planning to spend on a phone for a phone that actually does what I want, has the specs I want (the T-Mobile Wing is anemic, only barely stronger than the HTC Wizard- AKA the T-Mobile MDA), and lets us completely avoid a locked-in phone contract in favor of month-to-month without termination fees? Sounds like a solid deal to me.

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I'm surprised you're willing to give up a built-in keyboard. I don't see one in the spec, and there's a comment from someone about the lack of hardware keyboard. (I used to think thumb keyboards would be horribly impractical until I got a device that has one and used it a bit, and now I consider it an essential part of any phone/PDA I would truly consider.)

Sacrificing the slider saves me $120. I can buy a good Bluetooth full-size QWERTY fold-up for that, easily. For just quick notes, I have to use two hands to use the slider keyboard anyway, so I might as well use one of the on-screen input methods.

My old PDA had a full-size QWERTY keyboard that I got for it. It's nice except for having to haul around the additional device and requiring somewhere to set the darn thing to type. (I didn't make things easier for myself by having a leather case that I could put both in that was, as you may guess, a large block to try to fit in anything to carry.) I've discovered I actually prefer the slider to a folding keyboard almost all the time (which I never expected to), but that's just me.

Yay for potential fun new tech toys!

Windows Mobile hardware specs seem somewhat.. stagnant. I got a FSC Pocket Loox 720 (WM2003 SE) in 2004, which also had an XScale PXA270, a 3.6" VGA screen, 128MB RAM, SD and CompactFlash expansion, Bluetooth and WiFi, 1.2 megapixel camera. Nearing four years later, that's still close to the top specification (barring the phone integration) - and most Windows Mobile devices are slower and have QVGA screens.

I was interested in the i-mate Ultimate 7150, but that never emerged. We see very few Windows Mobile phones in the UK anyway though; Symbian has a firm grip on the smartphone market, and I currently have a Nokia N95.

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