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Oh, I am so buying one of these before they run out. Probably tomorrow. It should work on T-Mobile's network. And that leaves me with no reason to extend the contract when the current one expires- I'm the only person on the family plan who actually strongly wants a phone upgrade. (My HTC Wizard isn't cutting it with how over-heavily I use it. I haven't been impressed with the Wing, so seeing this option available to me is NERDGASM at just the right time- immediately after I get paid for the half-month.)

Only $50 more than I was planning to spend on a phone for a phone that actually does what I want, has the specs I want (the T-Mobile Wing is anemic, only barely stronger than the HTC Wizard- AKA the T-Mobile MDA), and lets us completely avoid a locked-in phone contract in favor of month-to-month without termination fees? Sounds like a solid deal to me.

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