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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Om nom nom
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It's slightly distressing that $3.18 will buy 60 pancackes' worth of just-add-water Safeway brand dry mix, and it comes out as well as the ones my mother made with significanly more investiment in both effort and money.

I wanted pecan pancakes, but I didn't have any pecans, so I decided to try cashew pancakes; I rinsed the salt off (they were standard pre-salted Planters dry roasted cashews) and tossed them in the batter. I think I like cashew pancakes better than pecan pancakes.

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... not ever... had cashew pancakes. You have picked my breakfast for me this morning.

That sounds delicious. DO WANT.

Cashew pancakes eh? Now that sounds like something worth giving a try someday. :3

Huh, that sounds intriguing o.o

CRAP I have pancake mix I need to use. All we need is a good griddle. What do you use to make pancakes? We have a "plate" that simply sits on top of the stove, but it only heats up in one spot and doesn't cook evenly at all. I've been considering getting an electric one like my parents used to have. Any advice?

And hell yeah on the generic store brand stuff. 9/10 times it's just as good as overpriced name-brand riff-raff. Why pay X for Y when you can get Y without the fancy packaging for X/3?

I just used a standard-issue 12-inch skillet. It didn't heat perfectly evenly, but I didn't try to do too many pancakes at once, and moved them around to counter for it. It works well enough. An electric griddle would undoubtably work better (for a lot of varieties of food, actually), but it takes up space and it's money that could otherwise be unspent.

I'm gonna have to keep my eye out at Goodwill/Savers now. I got a little George Forman there for four bucks once. Our awesome laundry dryer is from there too and cost 14.

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