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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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For those of you who played in yesterday's poll: Congratulations are in order to the 31% of you who got the answer correct! (My attempts to load the details of who that is are failing to work at the moment.)

Just another weekend in Zimbabwe.

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Ah, you tricked me! I was fairly certain, given your profession, that the one about Windows was correct.

I've been watching Zimbabwe since Mugabe began enacting his 'land reform' program. I knew this would be the result all along, even while so many in the media supported it. It's a nice I-told-you-so to advocates of social justice. Shame it comes, as usual, at the cost of a nation's economy and millions of lives.

I figured it'd be an effective distractor, hence its presence! The number in question is absolutely huge, however; it's several orders of magnitude larger than a 64-bit integer, which is presently the upper limit of the amount of memory the Windows memory allocator on a 64-bit computer can address as a limitation of the memory manager as a physical part of current computers. No "glitch" is even theoretically capable of using that much RAM in unbounded time, because the CPU cannot do so.

The land redistribution idea was incredibly stupid from the start and total economic collapse was inevitable. I'm amazed that Z$ has any value in USD because the currency is obviously going to keep getting worse and there shouldn't be any trading in Z$ internationally that would give it credibility as a meaningful unit of currency.

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