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I'm getting more and more productive in general. Not just more productive at work, my overall productivity is up. It might be due to more sleep, but I suspect a great deal of it s due to much better work; I'm not bored out of my mind with a data-entry task anymore, I'm actually having my skills used. I think I got generally burned out, and now I'm not, so my actual output is starting to match my ability again.

As I mentioned on Twitter a week ago, my secondary desktop computer went *zot*, thereby pushing my plans to buy a massive upgrade to my main computer forward; because "massive upgrade" includes a new CPU and motherboard (as well as a case, power supply, and a RAM upgrade- speed more than size), the still-working components of my various computers will, by their powers combined, yield two fully-functional computers again. The motherboard failure of the computer definitely isn't under warranty- that's the computer I used through most of college, and its three-year warranty is two years gone.

Not to say there's a real computer shortage; I've got a laptop, it's just not as convenient to use (there's no reasonable way to set it up on the desk for the computer that failed). Although except for back support, the current setup, which I'm using for this post, works reasonably well; it's hooked up to my television, and I've got a wireless keyboard/mouse combo for it. But this is an interlude; I've been folding laundry, and I really should get back to that. Well, after I eat something.

Of course, folding laundry brings me to the other advantage of a laptop hooked up to a television (which gets no use for receiving broadcasts; it's just a glorified computer monitor that takes S-Video and component video inputs from the console systems as well as the computer rig- I'm not even using its built-in speakers): television use. It lets me watch mindless shows streamed on the various provider websites (ABC is good about this, and they have Wipeout) while doing less-interactive tasks like, well, folding laundry. And when I run out of television to watch, there's the nerd version of the Olympics- that would be the true artisanship of as a standing testament that no, I am not good at video games and no, I probably never will be. But damn if it's not awesome to watch people who are good at it. (The Metroid and Mario runs are absolutely awesome- the ones that don't exploit glitches more so, as they show dramatic technical skill.)
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