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So... close... and... yet... so... far...


Hey, I didn't know I could make that sound.

I think I'm starting to get this robot program right. My father and I finally have a workable design; it now looks like a gargantuan LEGO beetle, with two huge mandible-claws out in front, on skids, to grab objects.

Hypothetically. My program is found to not work; the modlulus is far, far slower than expected. So I reprogrammed it to a rollover- no problem.

Heh. I still can't speed the motors independantly. A and C keep going at the speed of 7, no matter what. I'm getting closer to solving it; I'm about to check if the [tt]init[/tt] function is somehow getting called a whole bunch. Running a program tracewatch (keeping the robot near the RCX and allowing NQC to follow every move and watch every variable) would probably be a good idea.

Well, if it wasn't for what happened last run.

*beep-beep* ...yep, it turned on...
*tik* ...program 3, I want to keep motor check 1 the same...
*beep-beep* Start program...
*tik* Speed 4 for motor A...
*tik* Speed 1 for motor C...
*whirrr* Damn it, it's moving straight! It should be turning... oh well, test the grabber...
*bewoop* *whirr* Hmm, it beeped and did the grab correctly...
*gzck* Huh? Motor B is messing up...
*gzck* *grtch* Whoops, looks like that panel came loose, but that doesn't explain the spastic motions of-
*BEEPboopBEEPboopBEEPboop* What? It's stopped! I never programmed it to- damn it, the Dead Battery Indicator is on? Solid, and not flashing? That's why it stopped...
*tik* Robot off.
Wait, I just changed the batteries three days ago, and it hasn't been on much-
[Insert Roar Here] THE [Obcenity Deleted] BATTERIES ONLY LASTED TWENTY [Obcenity Deleted] MINUTES?

Sheesh. Motor B is grinding against more of a force than I thought.

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